Amira Hanafi


Amira Hanafi is a poet, cultural worker, and artist working with language as a material. Their work uses systems, games, performance, and publishing to bring together communities of real and fictional characters who speak, interact, and sometimes exchange identities. Amira’s work has been shown widely online and in offline spaces around the world, most recently at the 5th International Biennale of Casablanca and at Les Abattoirs Musée in Toulouse, France. She is the author of the books Forgery (Green Lantern Press, 2011) and Minced English (2010), a number of limited edition print works, and a growing number of works of electronic literature, including as part of the transdisciplinary project A dictionary of the revolution. Amira is currently Writer in Residence at Coastal Carolina University, where they teach creative writing and work on projects that aim to constitute language for fluid identities and border-crossing bodies.

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