Heide Hatry


Heide Hatry grew up on a pig farm in the south of Germany. She left home at the age of 15 to enroll in a sports school. She studied art at various German art schools and art history at the University of Heidelberg. She taught at a private art school for 15 years while simultaneously conducting an international business as an antiquarian bookseller. Since moving to New York in 2003 she has curated numerous exhibitions and has shown her own work at museums and galleries around the world. She has produced about 200 artist’s books and edited more than two dozen books and art catalogues. Her book Skin was published by Kehrer, Heidelberg, in 2005, Heads and Tales and Not a Rose by Charta, Milan/New York in 2009 and 2012 and Icons in Ash by Station Hill Press, Barrytown, NY in 2017.

Heide Hatry has book in the rare book trade nearly 20 years and has loved literature and the objects in which it has been contained since it was first revealed to her. In connecting her art directly with texts by her favorite writers, she feels an even deeper and more intimate relationship to their work, and a profounder understanding of and admiration for what they have created.


  • Altered Books
  • Artist Books
  • Drawing
  • Editions & Multiples
  • Fibers
  • Film/Video/Media
  • Folk/Traditional
  • Interdisciplinary/Hybrid
  • Literary/Writing
  • Painting
  • Performance Art
  • Photography
  • Publishing
  • Sculptural Books
  • Sculpture
  • Teaching
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