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The Studios at the Center for Book Arts are available for artists to rent by the hour, week and month. All Bindery and Printshop Equipment is included with your rental. Renters must provide their own materials, such as paper, boards and glue, although some items are available for purchase through the Center. Artists wishing to rent studio space at the Center must first take the Studio Rental Training Course.

During our supervised hours there will be a printshop or bindery steward present to offer basic assistance and to answer questions.
Please call ahead to reserve a space or a press. Check the online calendar for availability and Supervised times.

The CBA Staff will be returning to the offices in August 2020, and the studios will be open at limited capacity. To learn more about the COVID-19 Studio Protocols, please read the guidelines here.

To reserve space in the studios please enter your name on the reservation sheet here.

Bindery Equipment

  • Board Shears
  • Guillotine Cutter
  • Several Book Presses
  • Four Standing Backing Presses
  • Several Lying Presses
  • Sewing Frames
  • Scharf Fix Leather Paring Machine
  • 2 Quickprint Hot Stamping machines
  • Two Kensol Hot stamping Machines, up to 8×10″ chase
  • A large selection of tooling and hot stamping forms
  • Rounding Hammers
  • Newsprint paper

Printshop Equipment

  • Five Vandercook Proofing Presses (Universal 1, Universal 3, Number 4, 219. 10-21)
  • Two Chandler and Price Treadle Operated Platen Presses
  • One table top proofing press
  • Antique Washington Press
  • A large selection of Lead Type Faces
  • A selection of Wood Type Faces
  • Metal and wooden furniture
  • A variety of inks and modifiers
  • Hand brayers
  • Newsprint papers
  • Aprons + rags

Rental Rates

Monthly Rental: 

$400 a month for members / $500 a month for non-members. Includes keys, flat file or shelf, and 24/7 access to studios and equipment.

Weekly Rental: 

$125 a week for members / $150 for non-members.
Includes access to studios during business hours and open hours, or when a staff, steward or instructor is present; storage drawer or shelf for the week.

Hourly Rental: 

$15 an hour for members / $25 an hour for non-members.
Access to studios during business hours and supervised hours.

Storage Drawer or Shelf Rental: 

$200 a month for members / $250 for non-members
Additional Storage Drawer: $100
Additional Shelf: $150

Please email with questions about rentals or view our classes page to find out when the next Studio Rental Training will be held.

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