About the Exhibition

Scaffolding uncovers a collection of printed grids, patterns and geometric frameworks from our constructed and natural environments. Objects in our typical environments unfold into a familiar, almost invisible backdrop for our lives. Grids of space and time are everywhere, even if we cannot see them on the surface. They create modules and patterns that are easy to follow. Often in blue on ruled composition paper, bright orange on a pad of vellum paper, white on cutting mats, air between poorly installed drywall, or metal to break a window into a set of smaller views. They dissect an image, line, floor, and/or ceiling while filtering a changing view. They give rhythm under the stillness. This mismatch of grids can be quiet, soft, indifferent.

Tricia Treacy

Tricia Treacy is an interdisciplinary artist and educator raised in an Irish American family whose experimental and collaborative practice intersects print media, design, and publishing into participatory projects. She attempts to blur the boundaries between art and design while extending the notion of a book.

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Scaffolding by Tricia Treacy will be on view at Center for Book Arts (28 W 27th St, 3rd Fl) from Friday, January 13 through Saturday, March 25, 2023.

CBA is open Monday–Thursday from 11am–6pm and Friday & Saturday from 11am–5pm. Admission is free with a suggested donation.

All visitors are required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination upon arrival and wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times while on-site. If you have a medical or religious exemption to the vaccine, please contact CBA Executive Director Corina Reynolds at corina@centerforbookarts.org in advance of your visit.

Exhibition Views

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