Views from Venice

This exhibition highlighted approximately fifty artists books from the collection of this Italian collection. The books featured in this exhibition were made in the print workshops of the Scuola mostly by Italian artists, such as Loretta Cappanera, Claudine, Giotto, Maria Lai, Stefania Missio, Bonizza Modolo, and Giuseppe Perezzan, as well as by international artists who held residencies at the Scuola’s, including artists from Germany; France, Belgium and the United States. The force behind this collection is Matilde Dolcetti, the Director of the Scuola, where her interest in artist’s books has a powerful influence on the artists who work in this well equipped printshop in Venice.

Exhibition Checklist:

Julia Anne  Bork


The Teeths Line and Sinker
(2003) Etching, trace monotype, Japanese paper, housed in envelope of shellacked vellum, folded structure, with sewing

Lorna  Bornand

A la place des yeux
(1997) Etching, chine colle, letterpress, Japanese Paper, Letterpress cardboard slipcase, stab binding, sewn with sewing machine

Eveline  Boulva

(2001) Etching, laser print, Fabriano Rosaspina, vellum, stab binding

Roberta  Bridda

Pensier Invisibili
(2001) Etching, letterpress, Tessuto-nontessuto (plastic fiber), stab binding

Carmelo  Cacciato

Il Viaggio Metafisico
(1996) Relief printing, monotype, handmade paper with cardboard cover, pamphlet stitch

Jose  Cano

(1999) Relief print, Fabriano Rosaspina, pamphlet stitch

Loretta  Cappanera

Collezioni di Sabbia
(2002) Collage, letterpress, shellac, Japanese papers with black cardboard covers and slipcase, folded structure

In Linea
(2004) Relief print, collage, Japanese paper and newspaper, stab binding

Morena  Coppola

Fragola e Pistacchio
(2001) Monotype, rubber stamps, Fabriano Rosaspina, bound with raffia string and housed in sewn tarlatan bag, long stich binding

Maurizio  de Lotto

Il Gobbo e la Luna
Etching, aquatint, and letterpress, Fabriano Rosaspina with wood and vinyl, stab binding with rivets

Jeff  Dell

(1999) Woodcut, letterpress, Japanese paper and tarlatan, folded structure

Tra due acque
(1999) Woodcut, monotype, drypoint, mezzotint, Fabriano Rosaspina, covers made from felt, coptic binding

Matilde  Dolcetti

Porta D’ Acqua
(1996) Letterpress, etching, Amatruda, Accordian binding

(1994) Engraving, letterpress, Amalfi Amatruda house in Tarlatan wrapper, folded structure

Matilde  Dolcetti & Florence Faval

Il Libro D’ Artisti ‘A Venezia (from the Acqua Alta Edizioni)
(1995) Etching, letterpress, screenprint, Fabriano Tiepolo, unbound folded structure

Viola  Dominello

Cose Veneziane
(1997) Etching, chine colle, letterpress, embossing, Fabriano Rosaspina, Pamphlet stitch

Bertrand `  Dorny

To Be or Not Too Much
(1987) Etching, aquatint, letterpress, unknown paper house in bookcloth/ binders board slipcase, folded structure

Marie-Didace  Doyon

Sentiers Battus
(2001) Lithography, Japanese paper scroll, stab binding

Florence  Faval

Senza Titolo
(1996) Intaglio, collograph, Japanese paper, folded structure

Claudine  Furlano

Jeu de Cartes
(1995) Etching, chine colle, screenprint, Grafia, set of cards, housed in a wooden box (with carving); hinged with string

Carrie  Galbraith

Delle Sante
(2003) Laser print, vellum with wood and copper cover, coptic binding

Gianna  Gerombra

Per La Finestra Nuova
(1996) Etching, letterpress, Fabriano Rosaspina with black cardboard slipcase with sewing, longstitch binding

Loris  Giotto

(2000) Relief print, collograph, Fabriano Rosaspina, Japanese paper, Vellum, pamphlet stitch

Maria Teresa  Grisi

Libera Nos a Malo
(2000) Woodcut, laser print, Fabriano Rosaspina, Japanese papers with cardboard cover, sewn folded structure

Pierre  Hornain, Florence Faval, and others

Psaume Nicht, Numero Zero
Letterpress, relief print, etching, Japanese papers with cardboard cover, folded binding

(2001) Mixed media, found book

Xuan  Huynh

Campo Santa Maria Nova
(2001) Xerox transfer, Fabriano Rosaspina and paper slipcase, stab binding

Lou  Joseph

(2002) Xerox transfer, ink, acrylic paint, Fabriano Rosaspina and paper slipcase, pamplet (chain) stitch

Georgia  Keeling

(1999) Softground, etching, Fabriano Rosaspina, cover of raw cardboard with stamped colophan and trace monotype, folded structure

Andreas  Kramer

(2004) Woodcut, letterpress with embossing, Fabriano Rosaspina with leather cover, hardcover bound

Verborgene Symmetrian
(1999) Woodcut, offset, Fabriano Rosaspina, pamphlet (chain) stitch

Maria  Lai

Ca’ de Janas
(1996) Resin print, photo-etching, embossing, handmade paper with sewing throughout single sheets, attached with string embedded in paper

(1996) Softground etching, letterpress, Fabriano Rosaspina with cover relief print on Fabriano Murillo avario, folded structure

Lia  Malfermoni

(2002) Relief print, watercolor, Grafia, folded structure

Alessandra  Manzardo

Alce Nero
(1999) Laser prints, relief printing, vellum, cardboard and rope, stab binding

Stefania  Missio

Gli Amanti di Pietra
(1999) Relief print, collage, rubber stamp, letterpress, Japanese papers with cardboard cover, stab binding with additional stab binding on individual pages

Kaori  Miyayama

Ama Oto
(2003) Laser print, sewing, Fabriano Rosaspina, Japanese paper, housed in hardcover folder, folded structure with tip-ins

Bonizza  Modolo

Dedicato a�
(2000) Woodcut, laser print, collage, Japanese paper, vellum, Fabriano Rosaspina, with cardboard cover and slipcase, stab binding

Rainer  Mordmuller

Das Buch der Klange
(1993) Screenprint, etching, Arches paper and casrdboard slipcase, folded structures, not bound to cover

Greg  Murr

(1998) Etching, letterpress, Fabriano Tiepolo with hardcover, pamphlet (chain) stitch

Mizue  Naito

Io e Te
(2000) Etching, collage, Japanese paper, folded structure

Sul Cucchiao
(2001) Etching, collage, Fabriano Rosaspina housed in box of binder’s board and grey bookcloth, folded structure

Lucia  Parrella

Prime Letture
(1997) Lithograph, relief printing, Fabriano Rosaspina, accordian folding

Guiseppe  Perezzan

Abbiti mille baci
(2002) Cyanotype, cloth scroll, housed in box covered with paper and cyanotype

Percellana Della Sera
(2001) Digital images, Fabriano Rosaspina and cast ceramic object secured to front cover, pamphlet (chain) stitch with clamshell-like box cover with larlatan painted black

John  Ross

(2002) Fabriano paper, resin casting of wood type

Tsuguma  Susuki

Bye Bye Spacy Goldfish
(2002) Etching, Grafia and Binder’s board cover with handmade paper, pamphlet stitch

Cristina  Treppo

Kafka di Notte
(1999) Soft ground etching, spitbite, laser print, Pescia and cardboard cover, spiral binding

Franco  Vecchiet

(2002) Offset, relief print, embossing, folded structures, foam civer with cardboard box, collection of folded books with poems by Slovenian writers, prints by artist

Sarah  White

(2001) Graphite transfer, Fabriano Rosaspina with pale green cover and slipcase, pamphlet stitch, includes enclosed letter

(2001) Letterpress, Xerox transfer, Grafia, cover of binder’s board, blue paper, and yellow bookcloth, pamphlet (chain) stitch

Irene  Woodbury

Laguna Xpress—Gondola Ride Kit
(2001) Offset lithography, offset paper, folded structure

Amy N.  Worthen

Sotoporteghi Veneziani
(1995) Engraving, mezzotint, roulette, letterpress, Magnani with ultrasuede binding, contained in black linen clamshell box

Bruna  Zamana

Alfabeto Bianco
(2003) Cut paper, Moldigliani Bianchi, loose paper

Il Tempo

(2004) Punched holes, cuts, Grafia, black cardboard, folded structure

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