The Activated Page: Handmade Paper and the Artist’s Book

Publisher: Jenny-Press

Edition: 300

Year: 2007

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.6 inches

Pages: 89

This publication, edited by Jae Jennifer Rossman, explores the artmaking practice of individual artists for whom handmade paper is distinctive to their work and not-for-profit institutions that support hand papermaking.

In the first section, self-selected participants answered a series of questions about their creative process and final products.

The second section consists of two annotated bibliographies: one by the artists and artistic directors about their own work, and the other compiled by the editor of individual books that use handmade paper in a way that contributes to the content of the work.

The cover of the publication features a die-cut and flaps that unfold to reveal paper samples by five of the eleven participants: Brian Borchardt, Dorothy Field, John Gerard, Caren Heft, Jeffrey Morin, John Risseeuw, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Joan Soppe, Claire Van Vliet, Dieu Donne Papermill (Paul Wong), and Women’s Studio Workshop (Tatana Kellner).

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