You Can Do A Graphic Novel: Comic Books, Webcomics, and Strips

book cover with fun comics on it
You Can Do a Graphic Novel by Barbara Slate
back cover with comic of the author
You Can Do a Graphic Novel by Barbara Slate

Publisher: Minsky

Year: 2018

Binding: Perfect Bound Softcover

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Pages: 234

ISBN: 978-0937258071

Putting together words and pictures produces a compelling medium for story telling. Whether it’s a comic book, strip, or graphic novel, veteran cartoonist Barbara Slate guides you through the process.

Barbara shares the insight and skills she learned creating characters for Marvel and DC Comics and perfected over the hundreds of comics, strips, webcomics and graphic novels that defined her successful career. She shows you how to:
• Find your own artistic style.
• Create characters that get people’s attention…and hold it!
• Develop a great plotline and write believable dialogue.
• Lay out your pages to keep the story moving forward.
• Keep those creative juices flowing with her top creative tips
• Break into the Biz

And there’s advice from 20 Pros in the field!



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