September by Eléna Rivera. Design by Oscar García

Publisher: Center for Book Arts

Edition: 100

Year: 2021


  • Cyanotype
  • Metallic silver silkscreen printed

“Inspired by Eléna Rivera’s poem “September” I decided to use cyanotype for the development of this collaborative broadside. My first thoughts were to use a combination of photographs from different places I’ve made through the years, but at the end this one taken from New York High Line seemed perfect for the feelings that the poem imprinted on me. The final image is a ghost city; abandoned machines, a flag and some other elements combined with the tones of blue and effects of the cyanotype. Also each print is different and it is something I was looking for, the silkscreened poem has a background that is constantly changing in seek of reinforce the strength of this powerful literary piece by Eléna Rivera.” – Oswaldo García

Designed and printed by Oswaldo García and Explet Studio at Querétaro, México in honor of Eléna Rivera’s reading on June 3rd, 2021 at Center for Book Arts, New York, USA. Printed using cyanotype and silkscreen in an edition of 100.



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