Geometry & New Math (Books About Sex)

Publisher: Center for Book Arts

Year: 1996

Binding: Softcover

Dimensions: 7.5 x 10.25 inches

Pages: 16

Recognizing a book’s potential influence in defining a person’s gender identity and sexual expression, this exhibition of artists’ books examined the relationship between the book and sexual practices. It also explored the diversity of contemporary sexual experience and the current attitudes towards human physicality, male/female relations, homosexuality, AIDS, and desire. These works assert the innumerable ways a book can express ideas concerning the most intimate aspects of an individual, as well as the larger political concerns related to sexual orientation and gender issues.

On view January 20, 1996 – March 30, 1996.

Organized by Brian Hannon and coordinated by Ilse de Graaf and Lara Frankena.

Featured artists: Guy R. Beining, Douglas Beube, Carolyn Chadwick, Hilda Daniel, Sharon Ellis, Franklin Feldman, Sandy Groebner, Julie E. Harris, William Harroff, Adriane Herman, Mary Hood, Diane Jacobs, Susan Johanknecht, Alastair Johnston, Jenifer Newson, Danica Phelps, Lise Poirier, James Prez, Judith Ribicoff, Susan Rotolo, Rochelle Rubinstein, William Bernard Schade, Richard Smith, Robert C. Smith, Joan M. Soppe, Michael Williams



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