Books Boxed On Tour

Image of an open box/case containing different compartments of objects neatly sorted.
Raffle Tickets and Midges Suitcase, Imi Maufe
Portrait of Imi Maufe with a large body of water behind her, and an overacted sky.
Imi Maufe (2021)
Image of an opened suitcase with several compartments with different books of an array of sizes and shapes.
Translating Travels suitcase, Imi Maufe
Image of a gallery installation, with a wooden briefcase sitting in the foreground, and an installation of prints in the background. The prints all consist of illustrations created with various shades of blue ink
Photo by Simen Ulstein

Event Info

Books in boxes come in many varieties and are used for many reasons, from the practical protection of contents to containing collections. Boxes add an extra dimension to book projects – an intrigue in the act of opening, useful in housing collaborative projects and allow small artworks become larger easy-to-tour exhibitions.

This Book Talk will look at historical and contemporary examples of boxed bookworks, including projects from Imi Maufe’s practice highlighting ways they are used in touring exhibitions. Imi Maufe’s works include the book project Translating Travels made over a 20 year period and projects from Codex Polaris, the artist-run book art group that she organizes.

The Book Talk series organized by Roni Gross, features a series of artists, academics, and  people developing critical dialogue around books.

Note: Center for Book Arts will hold this event entirely online. A Zoom link will be sent in an email to all registrants.

Imi Maufe (b.1974) is a British visual artist based in Bergen, Norway. After training as a landscape architect, she received her MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking from the University of West of England, Bristol in 2004. In 2013 Imi helped establish Codex Polaris, an artist run group that promotes and creates opportunities such as exhibitions and collaborations for artists working with books in Norway and the Nordic countries. Codex Polaris organised the International focus at the Codex Book Fair and Symposium in California, USA in 2019. The groups founders and a collaborative project, Bibliotek Nordica, have recently exhibited at Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norway in a large-scale book art exhibition. Imi has a studio at Bergen Ateliergruppe and is currently working on an artistic research project at the Faculty of Design at the University of Bergen. She has work in international and private collections.

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