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Activist and nonprofit burnout is a very real thing – activists and nonprofit workers frequently give their whole heart to causes, and the ongoing struggle can cause activists to feel overwhelmed, lost, and anguished. As a public project for Pulp as Portal, Book Bombs, a collaborative between artists Mary Tasillo and Michelle Wilson, present “Keeping the Fire Alive.” Anyone is invited to make handmade paper and pulp prints with us, which will be resist-dried on the windows of CBA, building a collaborative installation.

Pulp printing stencils and questions for discussion during the event will address the state of the struggle in the new political climate, post election. Given the outcomes of the 2016 election, how do we re-group to keep pushing for change? And how do we balance the very real need to keep fighting with burnout, and the grief associated with undesired outcomes? These papers and the discussions that take place at the vats will be visual and verbal conversations and strategies for activists to avoid and prevent burnout. They will also provide a vehicle for participants to express their frustrations with the ongoing battle to keep up the good fight.

This program is free and all are welcome. Space is limited to the first 20 registrants though.

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