Abracadabra: Letterform Technology. Artist Presentation

Rollup letterform. Kelli Anderson. 2022. Courtesy the artist.

Event Info

Please join us at 6:30pm on October 20 for ABRACADABRA: Letterform, Technology Artist Presentation with Kelli Anderon. Center for Book Arts’ exhibition ABRACADABRA: Letterform, Technology invites visitors into playful dialogue with mysterious dimensions of typographic symbology, technology and their own perception. The exhibition aims to break down barriers between artist and audience—constructing a democratic space for all visitors to participate in the realization and ownership of the work. It does so by presenting takeaway interactive elements, pamphlets, prompts to create letterforms, and collaborative thought-experiments asking Why does typography transport us?

This in-person event takes place at CBA (28 W 27 St, 3rd Fl)


How to Attend

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