The Story of Morcos Key

“Arabesque,” organized by Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2020
“Arabesque,” organized by Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2020

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2020 Faculty Fellows, Wael Morcos and Jon Key will discuss their careers as designer with highlights of the exhibition Makes/Reads.

The studio collaborates with arts & cultural institutions, non-profits, and commercial enterprises in North America and the Middle East. Their investment in queer and diasporic identities has guided them in developing a process rooted in community-building within multicultural contexts. To facilitate understanding while avoiding oversimplification, they leverage design choices as guideposts between the injustices of the past and a more equitable future. With a strong emphasis on language and letter design, Morcos Key translates clients’ stories and missions into visual identity, print, and digital systems. Much of the work produced by the studio is premised on the interplay of text, language, heritage, and function.

Morcos Key Makes/Reads takes viewers through a selection of print materials designed by Wael Morcos and Jon Key: branding stories, type treatments, collaborations, commissions, and personal projects. These books are displayed alongside selections from their personal library, demonstrating the conceptual and aesthetic influence on the duo’s design process and creative practice.

As part of their fellowship, Wael Morcos and Jon Key will lead an online Artist Talk and Master Class, and have an exclusive interview published in the brochure available onsite at the exhibition.

image: “Arabesque,” organized by Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2020


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