The Flag Book: A Travel Quest

Photos courtesy of the artist, Maria G. Pisano for The Flag Book: A Travel Quest.
Photos courtesy of the artist, Maria G. Pisano for The Flag Book: A Travel Quest.
Photos courtesy of the artist, Maria G. Pisano for The Flag Book: A Travel Quest.
Photos courtesy of the artist, Maria G. Pisano for The Flag Book: A Travel Quest.

Event Info

This one-day virtual workshop takes place on Zoom on Thursday, October 19, 2023 from 1:00–3:30pm ET.

Complete Schedule:

  • Thursday, October 19, 1:00-3:30pm

Please Note: Registration for this workshop closes on October 12 at 11:59 pm.

About the Workshop:

Join CBA Instructor Maria G. Pisano in this online workshop to explore the flag book; a living, moving, interactive entity.

Originally created by Hedi Kyle, the flag book is an exciting book structure where the layered pages criss-cross each other when opening and closing making the book a living, moving, interactive entity. The flags’ wonderful movement allows for multiple images and content. Each participant will collage travel-related images of their choosing across the pages and covers to create a truly unique three-dimensional book!

What enticing places are you wanting to explore ? What adventures have you had in the past that enriched your life and art? What are your favorite places to visit? Making a book is a gestation process. Once you have an idea, how do you begin to put your idea into practice? What tools do you need? What media? Skills one learns in one workshop are transferable to your next endeavor.

This workshop is ideal for lovers of books and travel age 18+.

Required Materials:

  • Images and photos, printed out
  • Card stock
  • Text weight colored paper
  • Thicker paper or cardboard for covers

More detailed materials lists will be provided in confirmation email upon registration.

In this workshop we will be using maps, ticket stubs, ephemera, etc. from places you have visited, experienced or dreamt about them in your imagination. Collect examples of your real or imaginary journeys with maps, photos you have taken or culled from magazines, anything that speaks to you to incorporate in your collaged pages.

Additionally: scrap paper for protecting your working surface when gluing. Self-healing mat, x-acto or small snap blade knife, scissors, bone folder or popsicle sticks, stick glue or double sided tape. Optional – if you want to add more design elements to your pages: Colored pencils, stamp pads (minimum 3-4 colors), make-up triangular sponges.

About Maria G. Pisano:

Maria G. Pisano (she/her) is a book artist, printmaker, curator, and educator.

Her Memory Press works are represented in the Library of Congress, 9-11 Memorial Museum, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Lafayette College, University of Delaware, Wesleyan University, and many more. Ms. Pisano has exhibited widely—including a solo exhibition titled Reflections: Artist Books and Works on Paper.

Over the years she has curated a number of exhibitions at Center for Book Arts in NYC, such as Book as Witness: The Artist’s Response. In 2021 she curated Crossroads at the Hunterdon Museum of Art in New Jersey.

Ms. Pisano contributes to book arts publications and has presented lectures at the Library of Congress, College Book Arts Association, and the Art Libraries Society of North America. Her article Mark To Impress was published in the California Society of Printmakers 2018 Journal as well as in 2019 in The Blue Notebook in the UK.

She continuously teaches workshops nationally and internationally at venues including the Bridwell Library in Dallas TX, Hand Bookbinders of California, and Center for Book Arts in NYC.

Virtual workshops at Center for Book Arts will be recorded and the recording will be provided for all registered participants after the class. In order to best serve our community, many of our online classes are pay-what-you-can. The amount you choose to pay goes directly toward our instructors and toward creating scholarship opportunities for the future.

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