Creative Publishings

Online exhibition of projects from Creative Publishing Seminar participants

Over the past year, MC Hyland facilitated three online seminars instructing three cohorts of writers on the art, theory and practice of independent publishing. Below are new works by nine seminar participants, exhibiting the breadth of practices and perspectives the seminar nurtures. 

Featuring: C. Bain, Mandana Chaffa, Sherese Francis, Jaime Groetsema, Erin Honeycutt, Natalie Lawler, Jane Marchant, Tarnynon Onumonu, and Caterina Stamou.

Identity Contagion (2021)
C. Bain

Nowruz Journal (2021)
Mandana Chaffa

Binding a Divine Multiplicity Into One (2021)
Sherese Francis

Mark Gonzales Archive (2021)
Jaime Groetsema

The Cactus Conspiracy (2020)
Erin Honeycutt

Alabastradas (homenaje) (2021)
Natalie Lawler

An Extraordinarily Condensed Pocket Encyclopedia of Botany of the San Francisco Bay Area(2021)
Jane Marchant

Darker Girl Manifesto (2020)
Tarnynon Onumonu

Visual Poems (2021)
Caterina Stamou

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