Catalina De la Cruz

artist looks at her artwork


Catalina De la Cruz (Santiago de Chile, 1979) has presented solo, two person and collective exhibitions at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Chile, Contemporary Art Museum, Espora and Moro Gallery, Pinacoteca de Concepción and Palacio de La Moneda Cultural Center, among others. In addition to exhibitions, presentations, and workshops in Spain, Peru, Brazil, and the United States, her works are in private collections in Chile, France, and the United States, where there are also two artist’s photochemical books, in the New York Public Library. She has been a beneficiary of the National Art Fund and has collaborated with the Centro de La Imagen in Lima, Peru and the International Photography Festival of Valparaíso, Chile.

For 13 years she has been managing her own photochemical research space in Santiago, Chile, where work production workshops are taught in photochemical processes from the nineteenth century, from a contemporary approach.

In 2016 she created the project and workshop: “Photochemical Book”, an unpublished editorial format based on precursory photography techniques.

Translation by Scott Ridley

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