Marilyn R. Rosenberg

collage with white paper, painted paper, thread, translucent vellum paper, and pencil-scribbled paper
Images of my work, I photographed, scanned, and in the computer these became a computer collage, with a list of shows with dates that my pieces were in the CBA exhibitions .
blue book spread with squares
LEVEL (2001 )Marilyn R Rosenberg
Marilyn wearing glasses smiles at you


Marilyn R. Rosenberg, makes artists’ books, sculptural bookworks and fills blank books to become altered books. As usual, MRR works are actual and virtual images first made with pens, inks and gouache, collage, then often scanned into the computer to change and merge to become visual and asemic poems. MRR’s works are on/in exhibitions, blogs and web publications and print edition pages and books.

Philosophy, practice- process, product – promulgation – As usual, Marilyn R. Rosenberg’s works, visual and asemic poems, are actual images first made with pens and brush, inks and gouache, pencils and misc. Media on papers, made on the drawing board often as part of artists’ books/bookworks. Later these pages and sheets are often scanned into the computer to change and merge, transmuted clones-virtual images. Sometimes these works move on to publishers to become print editions or to be part of publications as blogs. Many unique and edition works become part of university or museum library collections.

Interacting within themselves and with the viewer/reader – content, vehicle, form, medium, and word, within a concept, pull together merging the themes and the means. As phantoms reappear, fears and imagined fabulous possibilities, connected to the future, continue.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg, 1934 -, Philadelphia, PA, USA . From 1953 on studies in painting, graphics, sculpture, gender, history, literature, religious studies, life drawing, advertising art, advertising publication, book and printing production (older style), and book arts and more in a variety of schools. 1978, a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Studio Arts, State U of NY. 1993, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, New York U, NY, NY.

From 1977 works are visual poems/drawings, artists’ books, mail art, small press/chap books, unique sculptural bookworks, artists’ stamps (artiststamps), photos, computer and drawing board collages and more, in editions and one of a kind pieces. A few are with collaborators. Images of bookworks and visual poem pages images, bios, and interviews are in reviews, exhibition catalogs, and reference publications, published on the web and in print.


  • Altered Books
  • Artists’ Books
  • Editions & Multiples
  • Printmaking
  • Sculptural Books
  • Digital Arts/Computer Collage
  • Drawing
  • Interdisciplinary/Hybrid
  • Poetry/Literary/Writing
  • Painting
  • Visual and Asemic Poetry
  • Artists’ Stamps
  • Artists’ Book Marks
  • Mail art

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