Rosaire Appel


Rosaire Appel is an artist living and working in New York. Her work, situated at the crossroads of looking and reading, words and images, takes the form of digital prints, drawings, photographs, and books. The books, both limited-edition and commercially available, often feature abstract comics combined with asemic writing. Her most recent is split-level pomes. A “pome” is (perhaps) a dyslexic poem.

​”I walk around and snap pictures and pick up ideas. Some are so flimsy they don’t last till the end of the block – others are seductive but turn out to be flings/ infatuations/whims. The best are those I unpack and unpack again – some of these find their way into books. A book is a bridge – or a ferry…. The space between you reading/ looking and me with pen in hand writing / drawing – the space is vast, until it becomes miniscule. Crossing that space, that river between us (which is, I admit, sometimes a desert) – my  province is transportation. Using both analog and digital means, I draw, and compile and compose. I explore language visually, through asemic writing, through actual words, through images, and sound notation. This website features a portion of my work.” – Rosaire Appel


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