Susan Happersett

The top of Susan Happersett in front of one of her pieces.


Susan Happersett makes drawings, paintings, books, and videos based on mathematical formulas, patterns, and concepts. The field of set theory has been a continuing inspiration to her. Susan holds graduate degrees in both Mathematics and Art. Her work expresses the beauty she finds in Mathematics, through the exploration of algorithms, geometry, and number sequences. She has been collaborating with Purgatory Pie Press for over 20 years to publish artist’s books that contain series of her drawings. Susan has recently edited a special issue of the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts (JMA) called “Artists Viewpoints” that features artist’s statements from over 50 artists whose work as Mathematical connections. Susan’s work has been widely exhibited and is in the collection of major museums and libraries, including MOMA, the Getty Museum, Tate Gallery, and San Francisco MOMA. You can find more about her work at Susan also blogs about math art at

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