Susan Kapuscnski Gaylord

sculptural book
sculptural Book


Susan’s involvement in the arts includes roles as artist, teacher, speaker, writer, designer, and publisher. She works in multiple media focusing on sculptural bookmaking and calligraphy. She is best known for her Spirit Books, contemplative art objects—part book and part sculpture—made with branches, sticks, vines, handmade papers, and beads.

Since she created her first Spirit Book in 1992 and coined the name, they have been exhibited throughout the US and Canada and in South Korea. They have gained fans worldwide through articles and features in books such as 1,000 Artist’ Books, 500 Handmade Books, and 500 More Handmade Books and magazines including Fiberarts, Somerset Studio, and Letter Arts Review. Her work has been exhibited widely including the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, University of Indiana Art Gallery, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and Seungnam South Korea Book Fair.

Susan is internationally known for her advocacy of the educational and personal value of simple bookmaking through her website ( and youtube channel (skgaylord). She is a seasoned presenter and currently lectures on the history of the book and the artist’s life.


  • Artist Book
  • Calligraphy
  • Digital Arts
  • Literary/Writing
  • Sculptural Books
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