Closing Plenary: The Temperature of Artists Book Criticism

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The sessions and convenings over the past 3 days have explored a range of lessons and ideas around what artist book criticism and discourse is and can be. Through the presentations and subsequent discussions, we worked to capture suggestions for future steps, actions, and recommendations for strengthening and expanding the field of artist book criticism.

For the closing plenary, representatives of the CABC committee and individual sessions will share and discuss their key takeaways from the conference and engage with the audience to refine tangible actions for the community. The results will be shared on the CBA website and will be regularly updated.

What is the temperature of art book criticism and scholarship today? As the scale of participation in and range of approaches to artists’ books and publishing have blossomed in recent years, now is a key time to develop new critical tools for assessing artists’ books and their broader impact on the cultural and artistic practice. Artists’ book criticism in the 21st century must contend not only with the book as an artistic medium, but also art books’ engagement with a range of cultural histories and publishing traditions.

Join the CABC Session Panelists and Committee Members in a series of small group discussions summarizing the topics addressed in the sessions throughout the 2021 conference.

Founded in 2008, CABC has been a long time programing partner of Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs. This year CABC will be presented as part of Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair.

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