Black Spirits I: Poetry Reading by Kyle Carrero Lopez

Left to right: The broadside designed  & printed by Yusuf Hassan for Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka’s poem ‘Each Morning’ and the broadside designed & printed by Rhonda Khalifeh for Kyle Carrero Lopez’ poem ‘Cover Up.’
man in turtleneck with mustache
Kyle Lopez (2021)
A grayscale photo of a woman standing in front of prints on a wall
Rhonda Khalifeh, 2021 Workspace Artist-in-Residence
A grayscale photo of a Black man standing with his arms crossed. There is a window behind him.
Yusuf Hassan, 2021 Workspace Artist-in-Residence
Harmony Holiday (2021)

Event Info

Center for Book Arts’ Fall 2021 Online Broadside Reading Series kicked off with a virtual reading by contemporary poet Kyle Carrero Lopez and the spirit of poet Amiri Baraka—through select recordings and readings from his archive, moderated by Harmony Holiday.

The experimental program also included the unveiling of two limited edition broadsides, which were designed and printed by two CBA 2021 Workspace Artists-in-Residence: Rhonda Khalifeh, who produced a broadside for Lopez, and Yusuf Hassan, who produced a broadside for Baraka. During the online event, Khalifeh and Hassan spoke about their inspiration and process for this project.

About the Fall 2021 Program: Black Spirits

Poet, dancer, and archivist Holiday curated the program Black Spirits, which pairs the work of living poets with the audio and print archives of poets who have passed on.

Of Black Spirits, Holiday writes, “The tradition of call-and-response thrives when we call on it. So-called archives are not symbolic and by letting them read aloud and speak we bring them into resonance with the now where they can offer what Baraka once called ‘urgent messages for those who would be real.'”

Black Spirits I
Poets: Kyle Carrero Lopez & Amiri Baraka
Artists: Rhonda Khalifeh & Yusuf Hassan

Black Spirits II
Poets: Jayson P. Smith & Ai
Artists: Lizania Cruz & Alix Pentecost-Farren

Black Spirits III
Poets: Desiree C. Bailey & Historic Poet TBA
Artists: Roni Gross & Claudia Cortinez

About the Broadside Reading Series

Center for Book Arts’ Broadside Readings Series program is a unique opportunity for poets and artists to collaborate. Every fall and spring season, CBA invites a poet who previously participated in the program to select poets for a new series of readings. CBA then commissions artists to collaborate with the participating poets to design and print for each of them a limited-edition broadside featuring their work. The broadsides are made available for sale to the public in-person and online in CBA’s bookshop.


This program was organized by Center for Book Arts and Harmony Holiday with funding provided in part by Poets & Writers through public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

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Cover Up–>

Poem by Kyle Carrero Lopez. Broadside designed and produced by Rhonda Khalifeh.

Each Morning–>

Amiri Baraka’s broadside designed and produced by Yusuf Hassan–>

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