Roll-Up/Pop-Up Books: Focus on Movement

Book and Photo Credit by student Andrea Robbins.
Photo credit: Shawn Sheehy

Event Info

This virtual workshop takes place on Zoom on June 7–28 from 6–8pm ET.

  • Tuesday, June 7, 6–8pm
  • Tuesday, June 14, 6–8pm
  • Tuesday, June 21 6–8pm
  • Tuesday, June 28, 6–8pm

Please Note: Registration for this workshop closes on Tuesday, May 31 at 11:59pm.

About the Workshop:

This workshop explores three classic pop-up structures. Each is frequently used throughout trade publishing to introduce a sense of movement or animation. You’re exploration of these structures will begin with a straight build of the classic structure. Next, you’ll glue detail pieces to that structure to see how mechanism becomes image. After that, you’ll build a fully-transformed version, where the mechanism and image are seamlessly integrated. Then you’ll repeat the process with your own ideas!
This will be furthered by building an innovative roll-up binding for the pop-up folios. Ultimately you’ll have a tidy, bound collection of study models that will propel you to the next step of pop-up invention. All are welcome, and experienced participants will be challenged in new ways. (This class builds on skills taught in previous workshops). 
Participants will:
• use and understand standard tools and materials of paper engineering;
• practice the foundational structures of paper engineering: parallel folds and angle folds;
• develop complexity through combining parallel folds with angle folds;
• engage in model-building;
• execute glued-in structures;
• practice paper cutting, scoring, folding and gluing;
• observe learned structures in trade books;
• identify the parts of a folio;
• observe how pop-ups can provide a sense of movement and/or animation;
• use patterns to build representational structures;
• explore volume using pattern-built pop-ups;
• experiment to develop their own structures;
• engage imagination to embellish representational structures;
• create details that transform basic volumes into unique structures;
• build a roll-up binding.

Required Materials:

Optional Materials:

  • Micro spatula
  • Tweezers 
  • Scissors
  • Screw punch

About the Instructor

Shawn Sheehy has been teaching book arts courses and workshops on the national level since 2001. His broadsides and artist book editions have been collected by such prestigious institutions as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Library of Congress, UCLA, and Harvard. His pop-ups have been featured twice in both Hand Papermaking magazine and Vintage magazine. Sheehy’s trade pop-up book Welcome to the Neighborwood (a mass-market version of his artist book) was released in 2015, winning numerous awards. The mass-market version of his artist book Beyond the Sixth Extinction was released through Candlewick in October 2018. He holds an MFA in the Book Arts from Columbia College Chicago.


All images courtesy of the instructor. 


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