Ana Sofia Mariz


Ana Sofia Mariz, a Russian-Brazilian designer, now calls New York her home. Her passion for the typographic arts has led her to specialize in designing printed books, working with type, letterpress printing, and type design. Her work has garnered recognition in Brazil and the US, with features in exhibitions in both countries. With a foundation in esteemed design education programs in Rio de Janeiro, Ana’s journey has been enriched by migration, including her recent move from Seattle, WA, where she resided since 2012, to New York in Summer 2023. These diverse experiences have broadened her perspective, shaping her into a multi-disciplinary designer who applies an inclusive and empathic approach to educate, empower, and enable other creatives to thrive in their own journeys of self-expression through the visual-graphic language. Featured projects include her poster “The first step toward equity is recognizing privilege,” showcased at the 2023 exhibition “New Impressions” at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, and Vine Craft, a digital typeface designed for letterpress printing and expanded into ornamentation and stationary patterns.


Typography, Letterpress, Photopolymer Plates, Graphic Design, Book Design

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Instagram: @anasofiadesigns


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