Charles Simonds

Orange red brink sculpture in miniature
tangled earthen sculpture suspended in air
Earthen sculpture by Charles Simonds
rounded porcelain sculpture of miniature structure
vine with thorns rendered in white porcelain


Charles Simonds (b. 1945, New York City) studied at the University of California at Berkeley and earned his master’s degree in Fine Arts from Rutgers University.

In 1970, while residing in New York City, he began making dwellings—small structures of clay and sand for an imaginary civilization of Little People—and he has since created dwellings on the streets of over 30 cities worldwide. His sculpture practice explores themes of myth, growth, decay, and renewal in the natural and built landscapes.

Simonds has employed books to imbue his dwellings with stories, such as Cracking (1978), co-created with Printed Matter co-founder Lucy R. Lippard. His career encompasses works in performance, architecture, installation, porcelain, and community activism.

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