Growth House

Growth House (2022) Charles Simonds
Growth House (2022) Charles Simonds

Publisher: Center for Book Arts

Edition: 100 signed prints

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 24 x 18 inches


  • Letterpress on Mohawk Superfine
  • Each print signed by the artist with a thumbprint

Many of Simonds’ works explore the relationship between building and growing. The Growth House is the generative work in this exploration. Originally created as a drawing, now a letterpress printed edition, it has also been constructed as an installation periodically. Simonds describes the Growth House as: “a seasonally renewable dwelling made of earthen bricks with seeds inside. As the seeds sprout, growth transforms the built structure; the dwelling is converted from shelter to food and is harvested and eaten” (1973).

Simonds sees the Growth House as a “marriage of building and growing, shelter and food; an hermaphroditic dwelling. If one thinks of building (shelter) as a (“male”) imitation and envy of (“female”) growing (food) then one can see the Growth House as an hermaphroditic structure” 1973.

More information about Simonds’ work can be found here.

Printed by Allison Carter-Beaulé.



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