Steven Daiber


Steven Daiber has worked with printmaking and artists books for more than thirty years. Living in rural Massachusetts for twenty- eight years on 12 acres of land has given Daiber a broad canvas to observe and engage with the landscape though sight specific book installations and direct prints from natural objects collected from the land.

And then there is Cuba.

Travel to Cuba is a forbidden fruit for US citizens. For over 20 years Steven Daiber has traveled to Havana and is often asked; what is Cuba like, and what will happen when/ if the political climate changes? He sees his role as an artist fortunate to travel and live in Havana as a conduit and facilitator in developing a dialogue with Cuban artists. The books he creates in collaboration with Cuban artists tell their stories of the lived reality in Cuba in the 21st century.

In 2014 his solo exhibition Aqui en la lucha was on view at Center for Book Arts.

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