Washi in American Artist’s Books

Curated by Rory Golden.

Exhibition Checklist

Max Library: Fused Shut, Jody Alexander
(2002) various historical bindings, artificial sinew, hemp cord, gampi and kozo papers, pen and ink, encaustic paint; 7 book library

Max: Fused Book II, Jody Alexander
(2002) sewn on packed cords, artificial sinew, hemp cord, wood, gampi paper, pen and ink, encaustic paint, suminagashi

Max: Fused Book IV, Jody Alexander
(2002) sewn on packed cords, artificial sinew, hemp cord, wood, kozo paper, pen and ink, encaustic paint

Max: Fused Shut I, Jody Alexander
(2002) tacket binding, artificial sinew, encaustic paint, pen and ink

, Irene Chan
(1998) pamphlet stitch, origami in a handmade Chinese seedpod-shaped purse, mingei washi paper, photography, silkscreen

Matherbody, Irene Chan
(2001) Asian bind-ledger / register, photography, digital output, mingei washi paper, polymer clay sculpture, origami, hand-dyed paper and silk

Sushi Tails, R. Gregory Christie
(2003) Japanese papers, tempera paint, artist’s book

Phantasies of a love thief: an eleventh century Sanskrit lyric poem, Maureen Cummins
(1994) Translated & with an introduction by Barbara Stoler Miller; illustrated by Maureen Cummins. Printed letterpress on snow-white Sekishu and bound in black Japanese silk; text is Zapf Civilité, with titling calligraphy by Jerry Kelly. Blockprint illustrations by artist; hand-binding by Kathy Hyde, Signed by the artist. In box.

The Thrill Came Slowly, Lesley Dill
(1996) artist’s book; letterpress, diaphanous Japanese paper, thread, wire. Courtesy of the artist and George Adams Gallery, New York.

Heritage, Evelyn Eller
(1998) oriental paper over folio, mixed media collage, oriental, moriki and folio papers, color copies (brown), string

The Interior Designers Sample Book, Evelyn Eller
(1991) artist’s book, acid free cloth, sumi, natsume and kiri papers, mixed media collage, acid free black and cream board, acrylic paint on sumi paper

Trees, Evelyn Eller
(2000) artist’s book; acid free boards covered in wood veneer paper, natsume paper, mixed media collage, linen tape, tree branches, color photocopies.

Butter and Barley, Dorothy Field
(1997) accordion book with additional sewn in pages, Polaroid transfer, pouchoir with dry pigments, hadmade kozo and Jana Pullman’s overbeaten abaca papers

In Search of: Fanny, Dorothy Field
(1999) album format with metal posts, Polaroid transfers, photocopied images, ink-jet printed, handmade cinnamon and curry spice-filled kozo, machine-made vellum

Nine Word Book, Dorothy Field
(2000) sewn limp binding, dry pigments, walnut dye, gesso calligraphy, kozoruis “Korean” style paper, silk (collaged on) and cotton wrap cloth

Ikkyu I, Tatiana Ginsberg
(2002) Ethiopian binding with handmade and naturally dyed kozo and gampi papers, walnut covers, handspun flax thread

Northern Bog Lemming, Rebecca Goodale
(2003) Hand colored block prints with collage on handmade flax paper

Twenty Maine Sedges, Rebecca Goodale
(2001) Hand colored screen printed Japanese papers with collage

Conversation, Regin Ingloria
(2003) Ink drawing on Momigami paper; graphite on panel

Spectacle, Regin Ingloria
(2003) Ink drawings on momigami, unryu, and legal paper

Prairie Book, Ann Marie Kennedy
(2003) Waxed abaca, plants, gampi & kozo paper, linoleum, damask

Twelve and One, Kumi Korf
(1998) Akatogashi, Hiromi MM-I & Hosokawa Ohban papers, silver silk thread

I Know Where I’m Going, Lois Lane and Ruth Lingen
(1997) Letterpress, woodcut, photoengraving on Rives using Clarence house wallpaper and 14 Japanese papers. Black velvet case and a steel stand made by David Shaw.

Cairns, Mary Ellen Long
(2000) Kozo-gampi, stone

Progeny 1, 2, 3, Mary Ellen Long
(2000) Kozo-gampi, copper

Counting the Days, Natasha Lovelace
(2001) Rice paper

Eating Your Vows, Natasha Lovelace
(2001) Gampi, egg shells

Getting Through, Natasha Lovelace
(2001) rice paper, wood dowels, leather cord

Icarus, Peter Madden
(2000) Handmade paper, wax, thread

Mental Notes V (Stream of Conscience), Peter Madden
(2002) Dyed Kozo, thread

Sea Scroll, Peter Madden
(2002) Kozo and handmade paper, thread, wax, colonial clay pipe stems

10 Finger Wrap Codices, Susan Mills
(2003) handmade Bicchu Torinoko gampi, plant dye

Crows, Susan Mills
(2002) Collaboration with seven Canadian artists: Joanne Briston, Pagmar Dahle, Karilee Fuglem, April Hickox, Candace Savage, Sheila Spence. Paper, thread

Forearm Wrap Codex, Susan Mills
(2003) Tania Kozo with red clay

Tableland (arteries and veins), Susan Mills
(2003) Tosa Konchi indigo dyed gampi, thread

Book of Mudras, Catherine Nash
(1999) Mixed media on Gampi and Torch Ginger papers

The Nest, Catherine Nash and Robert Renfrow
(1999) Gampi, railroad spike, bird nest, white oak plank

Sending Down Roots, Catherine Nash
(2002) Kozo, linen rag paper panels, terra siglata pit-fired ceramics

The Beach, Mark E. Perry
(2003) Paper

O Christmas Tree, Mark E. Perry
(2003) Pine needles, dye, pencil, paper

Clew (Genisa), Robbin Ami Silverberg
(2003) Moriki papers, eggshell, mica, binder’s board

Love Brush, Robbin Ami Silverberg
(1999) Kozo, Dobbin Mills cotton papers, human hair, aluminun coffee filter, wood, ribbon

Spun Into Gold: First 100 Words, Robbin Ami Silverberg
(2002) Kozo, Japanese book linen, cotton rag


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