Collective Roadmap – Folding Action

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This in-person event takes place at CBA (28 W 27 St, 3rd Fl) on Monday, October 17, from 6:00pm–8:00pm ET.

Collective Roadmap is a publication that brings together 15 artists and collectives from around the world who were inspired by the Chilean Constitutional Convention. Original works from Australia, Iran, Ukraine, Serbia, Spain, Bolivia, Colombia, the United States and Chile are collected in an artist’s book format addressing topics from memory, political social activism, the environment, native peoples, travel, territories and autobiography, all in multiple formats and techniques, with graphics, illustrations, photographs, interviews, testimonies, letters, audio messages printed with risograph by Calipso Press.

This project, curated by artist María Verónica San Martín and art historian Ignacio Szmulewicz, address the questions “what does it mean to live together? How do we inhabit the future? The 15 artists and collectives carried out collaborative processes, inviting specialists, relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers, to take the pulse of the present from the enormous possibility of imagining a different future.

On Monday, October 17th, we invite you to learn about this project and participate in the final assembly process of the publications and interact with some of the New York based artists involved and curators. The activity will be at the Center for Book Arts, on Monday Oct 17th from 6-8PM.

Participating artists and groups are: Jessica Lynne (USA), Matías Celedón (Chile), Gruia Bădescu (Romania), Martín La Roche (Chile/ND), Alina Tenser (Ukraine/USA), A Ediciones, Eloísa Paz Prada (Bolivia ), Kurs Collective (Serbia), Eliana Perez (Colombia/USA), Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco and David Cárdenas Lorenzo (Spain), Paula Baeza Pailamilla (Chile), Roya Amigh (Iran / USA), Floating State (Chile), Camila Galaz (Australia), Teobaldo Lagos Preller (Chile / Germany), Carola Josefa (Chile).

How to Attend

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