Maria Veronica San Martín

Zoom screenshot of Maria Veronica San Martin in one of her classes.
cover of white book with red threads hanging out of the spine
flag book structure each flag printed with a black drawing of a face
capitol of chile across a unfolded accordion spine
flag book displayed in an arch shape
six charcoal paintings of faces on plastic
six charcoal paintings of faces on plastic
large metal sculptures occupy the floor of the gallery


Maria Veronica San Martín (she/her) is a multidisciplinary Latin-American artist who has lived in New York since 2010.

She has been a studio artist at the Whitney Museum, ISP (NYC), a scholar at the Center for Book Arts (NYC), and participated in the Art OMI Residency (Ghent, NY). She has also been awarded two NYFA grants and three Chilean grants.

San Martín has taught at the Center for Book Arts (NYC), Penland School of Craft (NC), Universidad de Chile, and Universidad Catolica de Chile and has conducted workshops for Vera List Center, The New School, and Weeksville Heritage Center. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Booklyn, as well as participating as an artist and contributing to their education program.

She has been performing and lecturing her Moving Memorial and Dignidad series at international museums, galleries, public libraries, universities, and schools since 2016. San Martín has also exhibited nationally and internationally including at The Immigrant Artist Biennial (New York) Her work is in more than 60 collections including those of the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Metropolitan Museum (NYC), and The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis).

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