I will cut thrU: Pochoirs, Carvings, and other cuttings

Publisher: Center for Book Arts

Year: 2010

Binding: Pamphlet stitch

Dimensions: 4.3 x 10.6 inches

Pages: 48

This book is available through our distributor, Oak Knoll Books.

Organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director and Amber McMillan, Artist and Instructor.

On view July 7 – September 11, 2010.

This exhibition focuses on how the art of cutting: pochoir (stenciling), relief printing, paper cutting, and other related techniques are used to convey content, form, text, and image.

Brochure from the I will cut thrU: Pochoirs, Carvings, and other Cuttings exhibition at Center for Book Arts in 2010. Colored illustrations and checklist of works exhibited. Artists included: Lynne Avadenka, Line Anderson and Martin Andersen with Mikkel H. Ericksen, Bryan Baker, Doug Beube, Katie Baldwin, Victoria Burge, Susan Goethel Campbell, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Béatrice Coron and Elizabeth Desole, Andrea Dezsö, Tom Balbo, Colette Fu, Anne Gilam, Rory Golden, Sarabeth Noggle, Lei Lei Guo, Janet Goldner, Takuji Hamanaka, Sun Young Kang, Barbara Henry, Karen Kunc, Guy Laramée, Carole Kunstadt, Ken Montgomery, Jánis Nedéla, Shervone Neckles, Chris Perry, Krista Peters, Aardvark Aaronson, Veronica Ceci, Felicia Rice, Sarah Plimpton, Benjamin Rinehart, Kenneth Schnall, Gaylord Schanilec, Ben Verhoeuen, Shawn Sheehy, Irwin Susskind, George Shortess, Carolyn Thompson, Febie Babyrose, Herbert Hans, & Ruddy Hatumena.



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