A Reading Room with No Books: A Discussion on Artists’ Books

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Considering the book as a concept, artistic medium, and art object—which brings the tactile contact to the process of perception—this panel discussion explores the intersection of the conventional book, artists’ book, and haptic experiences in the context of the digital age. Exhibited artists Amina Ahmed, Bahman Mohammadi, Masoumeh Mohtadi, and Shirin Salehi will discuss their works in Out of Sight, Beyond Touch, and how each they utilize books as form, medium, and concept in their respective practices.

Amir Parsa, a writer, artist, and theorist, will explore the changing nature of the book and how the book’s forms and functions can be reconsidered in both literary and art realms.

Dr. Mark Paterson, researcher and author, will discuss the significant role of the sense of touch in the process of perception and understanding.

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