Shirin Salehi

Portrait of Shirin Salehi. She has her hands clasped and is looking downward.


Born in 1982 in Tehran, Shirin Salehi (she/her) is a Spanish-Iranian visual artist, art researcher, and teacher living and working in Madrid and New York.

Salehi primarily works in the discipline of printmaking—though she moves freely through drawing, sculpture/ceramics, and artists’ books. She also actively engages with poetry, which she feels particularly drawn to as it relates to her Iranian heritage.

She has worked as an art teacher for many years, written essays on the poetics of the artistic process, and spearheaded conferences in art schools and art institutions including the Prado National Museum in Madrid.

She has completed numerous residency programs such as Académie de France à Madrid, Il Bisonte Foundation in Florence, and Fundação Bienal de Cerveira in Portugal.

Salehi has received numerous awards for her work in the U.S. and Europe and her work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany.

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