Re-Envisioning Artists’ Book Visibility

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The Contemporary Artists Books Conference (CABC) planning committee invites paper and panel proposals for our 2022 conference, which will focus on “Re-Envisioning Artist Book Visibility.” The CABC planning committee asks: how do people find and experience artists’ books? 

We invite proposals that explore what visibility means; practical and ethical elements of description; challenges and opportunities for collections, artists and book fairs; the presence of the book in the public sphere; publishing and other relevant areas and approaches. We encourage proposals that draw from ethics, feminist studies, critical race studies, queer theory, activism, and non-western perspectives to broaden and deepen our understanding of how people experience artists’ books. Our hope is for the conference to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of artists’ books; thus, we welcome submissions from art historians, artists, designers, critics, curators, librarians, collectors, booksellers, and practitioners in other fields. Graduate students and early-career artists and scholars are encouraged to apply. We anticipate that sessions will be conducted virtually over Zoom. All speakers will receive an honorarium for participating. The 2022 CABC is graciously supported by Center for Book Arts. 

About CABC

Initiated in 2008, the Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference presents in depth talks, panels, and conversations to further the critical dialog surrounding artists’ books. Now organized by Center for Book Arts, the CABC committee is made up of historians and professionals in the field, sessions will cover a range of lively topics from artists, scholars, and other leading figures.

The Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference is held in conjunction with Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs. The 2022 conference is scheduled to take place virtually in October 13-16, 2022 in conjunction with Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair.

2022 CABC Committee:

  • Dev Aujla (Sorted Library)
  • Nicholas Coblence (Cultural Strategy)
  • Gillian Lee (Center for Book Arts)
  • James Mitchell (Cooper Union)
  • Camilo Otero (Center for Book Arts)
  • Corina Reynolds (Center for Book Arts)
  • Giana Ricci (New York University)
  • David Solo (Independant Researcher)
  • Farris Wahbeh (Whitney Museum)


Books At The Edge of Economy
Oct 14, 2022 at 12:00 pm ET
Tricia Treacy, Jimmy Luu, Arzu Ozkal, Andy Campbell

How do books that don’t follow the traditional production, circulation, consumption path find their readers/audiences? What are methods of dissemination that enable books to exist in an alternative social condition, such as gift economies, open distribution, or artful exchange—and what is the value of a book that cannot be bought? How and why do books enter public spaces?

Works in Progress:
Boosting Artists’ Books Visibility in Academic and Museum Libraries

Oct 14, 2022 at 2:00 pm ET
Emily Ha, Marnie Powers-Torrey, Marsha Taichman, Giana Ricci, April Sheridan

Artists’ books held by institutions are often treated as venerated objects, stored under lock and key and viewable only under close supervision. Unfortunately, practices designed to protect artists’ books can create barriers to visibility by limiting their physical or intellectual presence. How can we expand access to artists’ books in institutional collections?

(In)Visibility of Unique Artists’ Books
Oct 15, 2022 at 12:00 pm ET
Megan N. Liberty

Since the earliest discussion of artists’ books in the 1970s, the debate continues over the place of unique artists’ books in their limited canon. But as a critic and researcher, the most challenging question surrounding unique artists’ books is not, is it a book, but rather, where is it? Who and what gets to be canonized as an artists’ book, and how do barriers to access limit this conversation?

Breaking Protocol
Oct 15, 2022 at 2:00 pm ET
Re’al Christian, Maria Hupfield

At a time when performance and collective gathering is limited, artist books provide a space to present performance art as a means of carrying oral tradition, activating Indigenous knowledge, embodying liberation, and thinking through critical accountability with Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples across borders and land. What stories become political agents in the liberation of the archive from its colonial underpinnings and structure?

Is this a Fanzine or an Artists’ Book?
Colombia’s Scenario
Oct 15, 2022 at 4:00 pm ET
Zully Sotelo, Juliana Ocampo, Eva Parra, Alejandra Montero, Jennifer Vega, E V A

Centered on the independent art publishing practices in Colombia, a group of 6 women ask: What determines whether a publication is defined as a fanzine or an artist’s book? What are the meeting and divergence points between one and the other in the discourse of the national scene? What are the implications of labeling publications as zines vs artists’ books and does this have a direct impact on the international visibility of these publications?

Keynote: Kameelah Janan Rasheed
Oct 15, 2022 at 7:30 pm ET
(in-person & virtual)

Kameelah Janan Rasheed (she/they) is a learner, artist, and publisher working in Brooklyn, NY. Rasheed is the author of three artist’s books: An Alphabetical Accumulation of Approximate Observations (Endless Editions, 2019), No New Theories (Printed Matter, 2019), and the digital publication Scoring the Stacks (Brooklyn Public Library, 2021). Her writing, including longform essays and interviews, has appeared in Triple Canopy, The New Inquiry, Shift Space, Active Cultures, and The Believer. Rasheed’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She is a 2021 Guggenheim Fellow in Fine Arts and a 2022 Creative Capital Awardee.

A Gathering
Oct 15, 2022 from 8:30 pm-9:30 pm ET
(in-person at Center for Book Arts)

Join the CABC committee and NY based speakers at Center for Book Arts after Kameelah Janan Rasheed’s keynote talk to celebrate the international artists’ book community. All NYABF vendors, artists’ book collectors, artists, and publishers are invited to join us for this free event to relax and connect with eachother.

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