Paper, Art & the Book

letterpress exhibition invitation
Announcement for Paper, Art & the Book

Organized by Robbin Ami Silverberg, Donna Koretsky, Brian Hannon

An exhibition of the innovative ways artists utilize paper to express ideas conveyed in books and broadsides

Rather than viewing paper as merely a neutral substrate, works employ unusual or evocative papers that integrate the medium’s physical components — fiber, watermark, decorative elements, weight and texture — with the final work’s text and image, or even guide the structure and intent of the book itself.

Exhibition Checklist:

Laudes Creaturarum, Myriam Arteni
(1992) Letterpress and original drawings on handmade “Papel Zepia” paper; contained in a drop-spine box, rests on plexi-glass stand

The Maker, Eugénie Barron
(1991) Flax paper

Storage Racks of Wooden Souls, Guy R. Beining
(1996) 140 lb. cold press & other papers, ink, type, collage; hand stitched

Circus Wagon, Martha Carothers
(1980) Rubber stamps on handmade paper, string

Seeking Christ in the Style of the Song Dynasty, Robert Checchi
(1996) Monotype prints in wood (maple) and handmade paper from Nepal; hinged binding

36 Views of the Empire State Building, Beatrice Coron
(1996) Linseed oiled paper & vellum collage; accordion binding

GerTRUDES & Trucks, Betsy Davids
(1994) Text by Betsy Davids, Alisa Golden and Val Simonetti; rubber stamps, handwriting and photocopying on white #12 paper bags, with tape measure and toy truck; stapled, modified butterfly binding.

Laudes Creaturarum, Stephan de Arteni
(1992) Letterpress and original drawings on handmade “Papel Zepia” paper; contained in a drop-spine box, rests on plexi-glass stand

36 Volumes, Donna S. Emerson
(1995) Collage, monotype, intaglio, woodblock printing, and calligraphy on flax paper; 36 folios housed in case

Dance, Daddy, Dance #5, Michael Ensminger
(1996) Children’s coloring book pages, flasche

Nationalism, Anita Lynn Forgach
(1996) Title Sheets for the “Words & Hands” Portfolio/ A Contemporary Czech Art and Literature Edition of Prose/ Text by Zdenek Urbanek; Designed by Tomás Machek; Printed by Jiri Liska and Peter Kruty. Letterpress printing, embossing and pigment on Velke Losiny cotton handmande paper made by Tomas Hruska. Single leaf portfolio housed in linen-covered clamshell box.

She Talks in Circles, Rebecca Goodale
(1996) Silkscreened and hand colored on handmade rag and coconut paper, book cloth, ribbon, wood, ink; folded banner book

Excerpts from the Other Side, Victoria Hanks
(1995) Ink, glue, graphite, gesso, papier-mache with Italian newsprint.

Pagan Babies, Caren Heft
(1995) With Roger David, Barbara Duffey Hardy, Pat Kardas and Susan Mann. Letterpress book on Root River Mill abaca paper with found pages of a letterpress printed Bible from the 1860s.

Uniform, Helen Hiebert
(1992) pigmented linen on cotton handmade paper; unbound accordion

History of Writing, Angeline Labrucherie
(1996) Poster board and misc. paper, polymer clay, papyrus, cotton string, wood

Batterers, Kathryn Vigesaa Lipke and Claire Van Vliet
(1996) Text by Denise Levertov, wooden cover constructed by Jack Sumberg; slipcases by Judi Conant and Mary Richardson; pulp painted by Claire Van Vliet at MacGregor-Vinzani

Objets Perdus Book 5, Iain Machell
(1995) Dieu Donné handmade cotton paper, rust. Pamphlet binding.

Monday or Tuesday, Joyce McDaniel
(1994) Dressmaker pattern paper, stones, lead, wire mesh

Vinny in Tahiti, James Pernotto
(1993) Unique page from manipulated book “Ghost Ship to Treasure Island”; Formed paper, sea shells, pigment, acrylic paint.

Pickings, Sarah Peter
(1996) Lokta with asparagus fern & sanganeer apricot paper, phots, brass lapels, sealing wax, cloves, saffron, silk button; accordion binding

Altar Book for Gorecki, Robin Price and Keiji Shinohara
(1996) Calligraphy by Paul Shaw; reproductions of 17th century copperplate engravings by Francis Willughby; Letterpress and monoprint on hand-stained Wahon paper; Triptych of wood boards hinged with vellum strips, housed in wood box by Franklin Nichols.

A Labyrinthine Adventure, Marilyn R. Rosenberg
(1990) Handmade paper by Chuck Welch of Sand Bar Willow Press; Leather tie, mylar, ribbon, string, found images and objects, waterbase paints, inks.

Pasta Phile: Spaghetti, Susan Rotolo
(1995) Canson papers, De Cecco pasta box (altered), ribbons, mylar, beads; accordion binding

Eve’s Meditation, Miriam Schaer
(1992) Roma paper, silk, beads, acrylic paint; open spine binding sewn on cords

Journal, Ann Corley Silverman
(1996) Composition notebooks, muslin, wire, flax paper, beeswax

I Have to Go, Jennifer Vignone
(1995) Iris ink jet on kozo paper, wood, acrylic, marker, pen, watercolor, metal, plastic, gold leaf; continuous spool binding

Dear Chuck, Beck Whitehead
(1996) Handmade abaca & cotton rag paper over mahogany plywood with pulp painting; accordion binding

Democrazy, Andrea Zemel
(1996) Text by Joe Brennan; letterpress and block print on waxed rice paper, steel, leather, sinew, wood; invented binding


Support for Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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