Gillian Lee

Gillian, a white person with shoulder-length brown hair and bangs, wearing a black turtleneck and cow print pants, stands in front of the CBA bookcases holding a stack of books and looking at the camera with a neutral expression.


Gillian Lee (they/them) is Librarian at Center for Book Arts. They also assist with fundraising and membership.

Lee has worked in art museums and gallery libraries since 2017. They have been involved in the zine and artists’ book community in New York and Central Virginia since 2013; they joined the CBA team in October 2021. 

Lee is passionate about the potential for print media to uplift and empower communities, spread information, and bring joy to life, and is excited to steward a collection of materials that values and embodies this ideal.

Lee is also a musician and writer. They hold a BA in English from the University of Virginia and an MLIS from Long Island University.

You can reach Gillian to make a research appointment, discuss book arts librarianship, talk about zines, or ask any questions by emailing

Photo by Oswaldo García.

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