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Center for Book Arts awards 4 to 6 Artist Residencies per year. With a goal to provide a fertile environment for artists to learn from one another and explore how the book is or can be a part of their artistic output. We encourage applications from both those who have demonstrated a commitment to the book arts as a key component of their artistic practice and artists with little to no experience in the book arts looking to explore the book’s relationship to their artistic practice.

All residents are provided with a one-year residency, cash stipend to support the creation of new work, 24-hour access to professional tools and equipment, the opportunity to learn new techniques from experts in their field, and space to work within CBA’s Manhattan studios. Residents are provided with opportunities to speak publicly about their work, to collaborate with other artists and poets, to hold studio visits with visiting curators and artists, and to exhibit at CBA in the future. While residents are expected to finish at least one new project over the course of the year, they should also take this year to focus on expanding their artistic practice through experimenting with new techniques and ideas. 

The 2024 cohort of Artists-in-Residence will run from January 15 through December 20, 2024. Housing is not provided. On average, Artists-in-Residence spend 30-40 hours per week in the studios and use their tuition waiver for 8-10 courses. The residency is not able to support collectives or collaborations at this time. We welcome artists of all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences to apply.

Applications are due July 31, 2023.

Selection Process

Applications must be submitted online through the link above. Each year submissions are reviewed by a new independent panel of arts professionals from a broad range of backgrounds. Our panelists review each application blind looking for candidates that show either a demonstrated history with the book as art or an interest in engaging with the book as art in new ways. Successful applications will demonstrate a committed artistic practice through their submitted work samples, statement, exhibition history, or other forms of public artistic engagement.

Previous Panelists

Golnar Adili, artist and former CBA Resident; Tauba Auerbach, artist and publisher; Nickolas Calabrese, Artist and Writer; Eva Parra, Publisher and Riso instructor; Emmett Pinsky, Store Manager at Printed Matter / St Marks; Simón Ramírez, Artist and co-founder of Miriam Gallery; Molly Taylor, cultural manager at David Kordansky Gallery.

Current Artists-in-Residence (2023)

Sunny Leerasanthanah

Sunny Leerasanthanah was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Through photography, video, bookmaking, installation, and performance, she has investigated identity, placemaking, immigration, family, belonging, superstition, and storytelling. Read More

Kyung Eun You

Kyung Eun You is a Korean visual artist based in New York. Kyung Eun completed three year certificate in printmaking at National Academy Museum and School in New York in 2017. She has been a recipient of Artist’s Books Residency Grant from Women’s Studio Workshop, 2019; New Prints Artist Development Award from International Print Center New York, 2019; Read More

Kristen Mueller

Kristen Mueller is an artist and publisher (Some Other Books) based in Queens. She is developing a body of work exploring motherhood and artistic practice and welcomes submissions to a compendium of artists’ books she’s assembling on this topic. Mueller’s books transform previously-printed matter by way of digital and hand alterations. Read More

Tash Nikol

Tash Nikol is a writer, poet and curator from Atlanta. Her work attends to transmutation and bringing together narratives that explore interactions between nature, spirit, and technology.  Read More

Tamen Pérez

Tamen Pérez (she/her) is an artist from San José, Costa Rica based in New York. Through drawing, painting, and printmaking, she processes images in order to slow down their informational momentum, remediate them, and sift through their manifolds of signification. She uses non-linear storytelling as a conceptual framework to move forward and backward in history, poking at collective conceptions of time as a universal construct. Read More


Center for Book Arts visual arts programming is supported in part by by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council. This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts

Past Artists-in-Residence

2022 Book Artists-in-Residence

2022 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2021 Book Artists-in-Residence

2021 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2020 Book Artists-in-Residence

2020 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2019 Scholars-in-Residence

2019 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2018 Scholars-in-Residence

2018 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2017 Scholars-in-Residence

2017 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2016 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Shana Agid
  • Wayne Kleppe
  • Elizabeth Sheehan

2016 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2015 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Aron Cohen
  • Alaska McFadden
  • Tammy Nguyen

2015 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2014 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Donald Daedalus
  • Lee Marchalonis
  • Prudence Dudan

2014 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2013 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Aurora De Armendi
  • Kyle Holland
  • Amanda Thackray

2013 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2012 Van Lier Scholars

  • Natalie Stopka
  • Celine Lombardi
  • Sara Parkel

2012 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2011 Van Lier Scholars

  • Ben Reynaert
  • Kimberly McClure
  • Sarah McDermott

2011 Stein Scholar

  • Katie Baldwin

2011 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • James Case-Leal
  • Matt Keegan
  • Liz Linden
  • Colin McMullen
  • Heidi Neilson
  • Kambui Olujimi

2010 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Emily Blair
  • Julie Schumacher

2010 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • Tal Halpern
  • Wayne Hodge
  • Katarina Jerinic
  • Jennie C. Jones
  • Angie Waller

2009 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Liz Zanis
  • Taylor Reid

2009 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • Terry Boddie
  • Gautam Kansara
  • Shani Peters
  • Ginger Brooks Takahashi
  • James Walsh

2008 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Sarah Meskin
  • Elysa Voshell

2008 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • Cesar Cornejo
  • Hadassa Goldvicht
  • Wennie Huang
  • Ivan Monforte
  • Zoe Sheehan-Saldaña

2007 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Jeremy James Thompson
  • Corinna Zeltsman

2007 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • Manuel Acevedo  
  • Yoko Inoue
  • Rajkamal Kahlon
  • Catarina Leitao
  • Tattfoo Tan

2006 Scholars-in-Residence

  • Ana Cordeiro
  • Sarasvati Munoz

2006 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2005 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

2004 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • Cecilia Haegeen Kim
  • Josh Harris
  • Isabelle Lumpkin
  • Marian St. Laurent

2003 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • Navin Norling
  • Frank Parga
  • Jihyun Yu

2002 Workspace Artists-in-Residence

  • R. Gregory Christie
  • Shimoda Emmanuel
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